Working with AI Assistants

Thursday 03 May 2018

In the last year, AI assistants have come into their own, helping us with a never ending list of tasks in both our home and working lives. But beyond answering questions, ordering groceries or booking meetings for us, there’s room for AI to support us even more in our workplace collaboration efforts.

Your AI assistant could do far more than just cross check schedules to arrange a meeting time and book a meeting space. It could then go on to provide a summary of your previous interactions with the person you are meeting with, suggest discussion points and take notes.


As AI assistants develop, we will even reach a point where having to read through reams of information before making a decision in a meeting wouldn’t need to happen. Your AI assistant could pick up on your discussion, summarise relevant information in the blink of an eye, and deliver the key facts to you, enabling you to continue the discussion without stopping to find further details on the topic.


Even with something as simple as answering the phone, AI assistants can help. As calls come in AI assistants can qualify the calls and deliver them to the right team member to help them better serve customers. At the same time it can provide that team member with all the information they need about the individual calling for example, if they have interacted with the organisation before and what was previously discussed.


As AI develops, AI assistants are set to become the very foundation of how we work from day to day, and an integral part of our jobs in the next couple of years. It’s now down to organisations to get ahead of the curve in their adoption of them.


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