UC EXPO 2019 - AneedA

iam+ brings its virtual assistant AneedA to UC EXPO 2017

Tuesday 07 February 2017

A new challenger to Siri, Alexa & Cortana - AneedA has arrived.
iam+, the company founded by world-renowned singer and tech entrepeneur Will.i.am, brings its virtual assistant AneedA to UC EXPO 2017.

AneedA changes the game for virtual assistants because she uses proprietary machine learning to understand natural language and engage in a human-like manner. 

This personal A.I. showcases the potential for future virtual assistants as it connects information and empowers people to work more productively. 

Nuance design and deliver intuitive technologies that help people live and work more intelligently. They provide the tools to inform, to connect and to empower people to be more productive and creative.

Nuance and iamplus collaborated to create AnnedA for the PULS smart band wearable device. The latest version uses Nuance’s speech recognition, Wolfram Alpha’s knowledge engine, and a proprietary machine learning technology secured through the acquisition of Tel Aviv startup Sensiya.

See a mind-blowing live demo of AneedA who be be an integral and interactive part of the presentation with Noam Fine .

Noam Fine is a serial entrepreneur, currently acting as General Manager at iam+ innovation center in Israel. Under his role Noam is overseeing operations, driving innovation and forming partnerships focused on the integration and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies and experiences.

Noam joined iam+ in late 2015 when iam+ acquired Sensiya, a startup he founded and served as its CEO from inception to acquisition.

iam+ was founded 2013 by will.i.am - artist, singer, performer 7 times Grammy winner and tech entrepreneur. The company serves as a multi-disciplinary hub, focusing on culture tech: where fashion, style, music and art meet technology.