UC EXPO 2019 - How Companies Can Utilize Chatbots to Build Customer Relationships


Customer Contact & AI Theatre

Thu 17th May 14:20 to 14:50

How Companies Can Utilize Chatbots to Build Customer Relationships

As AI becomes part of consumers’ everyday lives, chatbots will play an ever-growing role in defining how businesses connect to consumers. By leveraging chatbot and AI technology via APIs, companies can not only increase customer loyalty by engaging with them in deeper, more personal ways, but they can also make it quicker and easier to solve problems and address their needs and wants.
Through a series of use cases, Vonage Chief Product Officer Omar Javaid will share how businesses today can best unlock the potential of chatbot and AI technology to enhance their customer journey and build stronger customer relationships.

What you will take away from this session

  • Chatbots and other forms of artificial intelligence can revolutionize your customer relationships
  • Understand the different ways that chatbots can be integrated into your business communications
  • Discover the latest and most innovative use cases for chatbots in customer experience
  • Unlock the potential of chatbot technology to enhance your customer journey


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Omar Javaid Omar Javaid View Profile