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Wed 16th May 14:20 to 14:50

The industry’s only Mobile-Native UCaaS, uniquely leveraging RCS and LTE network investments

Today’s workforce is predominantly mobile but traditional UCaaS solutions are designed around a wireline experience with mobility added as an afterthought. Find out how existing mobile network elements such as LTE and RCS assets can become the building blocks of new Mobile-Native UCaaS solutions where the mobile is at the center of the user experience. With guaranteed bit rate and QoS on voice, video and collaboration media, users are free from the walled-gardens created by proprietary instant messaging ecosystems. MNOs can leverage existing networks to provide a seamless, prioritized user experience for today’s mobile user.

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What you will take away from this session

  • Conventional UCaaS solutions are not a good fit for the SOHO/SMB market
  • Mobile network operators (MNO) can disrupt the market with their own mobile-native UC solution
  • MNO’s RCS and LTE investments provide the right foundation with universal reach and guaranteed QoS
  • Mavenir enables MNOs to profit from the SOHO/SMB market with their own mobile-native UCaaS solution


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