UC EXPO 2019 - Choosing the right connectivity to support your UC strategy


Video & Collaboration Theatre

Thu 17th May 11:00 to 11:30

Choosing the right connectivity to support your UC strategy

Using applications in the cloud brings greater demands on your Network and connectivity from all your sites and users at home or on the road. The success of an application is judged on how useful the app is for the job and how easy, reliable and fast it performs from anywhere, on any device.

Choosing the right connectivity is not just ‘a bigger faster pipe’. Bandwidth and speed are of course important, but performance, quality, reliability, support and the right product fit combine to ensure your business has a resilient, high-availability complete communications package with the flexibility to prioritise critical availability to sites, applications and users.

What you will take away from this session

  • What you need to know in choosing the right products and supplier to enable your cloud services
  • Why when it comes to connectivity, one size doesn’t always fit all
  • How the WAN can prioritise telephony and other business critical applications
  • Why many businesses are turning to Ethernet Everywhere


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David Doherty David Doherty View Profile