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Using Predictive Behavioural Analytics to improve Customer Experience (Supported by UK CCF)


Presentation Customer Contact Keynote Stage

“Make every interaction count, even the small ones. They are all relevant.” – Shep Hyken

What if you knew what your customers really cared about and why? What if you could predict how they are feeling and when? Wouldn’t you use those insights to design, select and better orchestrate your interactions with them?

Human behaviour is rooted in decision-making, and the ways that people make decisions is not simple. Every decision we make is a combination of logic and feelings, modified by our internal biases and the influence of others. Add to that the demands of the moment and personal experiences and it all seems too complex to analyse.

However, Predictive Behavioural Analytics is giving organisations a new set of tools to understand and predict behaviour based on the ‘hidden’ insights embedded within communications. What’s more, it can do this at the individual customer level.

By combining experiential data with operational data, it is possible to research what matters to customers (enough that it will prompt them to action); then monitor events to see if any of those things have happened, and anticipate which customers are likely to react. Finally, it can evaluate the actions taken, and the results delivered to calculate the impact on the business; increased sales, reduced costs, lowered churn and greater loyalty.

The technology to deliver personalised messages at scale and across multiple channels has been around for some time now, but too many organisations are still following the customer engagement techniques of the 1980’s – broad segments, with undifferentiated messages and offers – even forcing customers to use a specific channel. Is it any surprise then that customers are switching to businesses that they feel ‘connected to’ and appear to put them at the centre of their operation?

In this presentation, full of practical advice, Peter will show how these new techniques for gaining insights into what really matters to customers can be used to make smarter business decisions, and connect with customers in more powerful, relevant ways. 

What you will takeaway from this session:

• How to uncover what your customers really care about

• How to practically orchestrate interactions around customer needs and expectations

• How to optimise customer communications to drive measureable business results

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