How to Create a Groundswell of Adoption for your UCaaS Initiative


Presentation The Future of Work Theatre
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UCaaS adoption is a common challenge facing the industry today. Without adoption, companies hold back the chance for UCaaS to bring about real innovation for their work environments simply because they can’t give it the opportunity to take root. CIOs can buy the snazziest new technology on the market and advocate for digital transformation all they want. If the people for whom the technology is designed to serve fail to use it, the benefit of the investment is lost entirely. Join this session to learn how to break the ‘business as usual’ cycle and drive adoption throughout the organisation.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • What are the best practices for getting the modern workforce to actually use new communication technology?
  • Why does it matter to have a unified, inclusive solution rather than a series of point solutions?
  • Why is it important for IT leaders to think like marketers?

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