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Successful enterprises need to provide the best environments for their teams to do business, now and in the future. Such efforts will involve rich, sustained collaboration – and technology that can deliver on-site and across distances. But true collaboration (not just see-and-talk videoconferencing) requires new digital tools; current applications consider only a single person at a time.

Attendees will hear how this gap can be filled by a combination of easy-to-use, intuitive technology to set up and manage great workspaces, and solutions which allow teams to work simultaneously on many large displays and surfaces, using the various devices they already have to contribute content to those screens, and to manipulate shared content and applications.

Teams empowered with proper digital collaboration tools work more creatively, execute more quickly, and make better real-time decisions – it makes total business sense.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Using technology to transform team collaboration
  • Teams work best when they can actively contribute
  • Move from passive audience to active roles
  • Technology that is fun to use encourages participation
  • Tips for how enterprises can make meetings more productive:
  • Planning
  • Meeting Room tech for booking / managing rooms: software / hardware
  • In meeting-tech: create the right environment for true collaboration
  • Today’s technology helps business make the most of their estates and enables remote access for geographically diverse teams to meet and get work done
  • Have a flexible approach – AV as a Service

Technological Innovation Group (TIG)