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WolfVision brings AV over IP-based classroom collaboration

WolfVision brings AV over IP-based classroom collaboration

The vSolution MATRIX solution from WolfVision represents a significant step forward in learning space design, enabling intuitive control, distribution, and sharing of video and audio between multiple workstation monitors using multiple Cynap, and Cynap Core units connected using network infrastructure.

Whereas traditional video-over-IP deployments required the purchase and installation of dedicated encoders and decoders, vSolution Matrix routes high quality/low-latency video streams directly between WolfVision’s Cynap devices over a local-area-network. Video-matrix-distribution is now just a matter of networking Cynap-powered workstations together. Other breakthrough advancements include simple drag-and-drop routing control, live multi-stream previewing, temporary stream-layering over local content, and remote file-sharing/presentation-over-IP.

Wireless BYOD screen sharing for all smartphones, tablets, and laptops, is available at every workstation, with no need for apps, dongles or additional software. Annotation and whiteboard funtionality is provided and the Cynap built-in media player handles playback of any content accessed from cloud, network or other connected sources.

Enterprise level encryption ensures secure delivery of content materials between workstations, and this scalable, cost effective, and easy-to-install presentation and collaboration solution gives all the performance, and reliability associated with traditional AV distribution methods.