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Collaboration Hardware


Where are you based today?

At home, in the office, between clients or in the coffee shop; NEC@UCEXPO keeps your finger on the pulse wherever you’re located. Let our intuitive workflows enhance your daily business experience at UC EXPO - an early hours video call with your overseas partners before heading to the office; reserve your parking space, book a hot desk and catch up with your team whilst on the move. With big screen 4K in the office, your regional sales teams are virtually sitting alongside you for eye ball to eye ball reality-like conferencing. Our smart workspace solutions keep you in the loop wherever you are with video conferencing, sharing and collaborative expertise.

Modern Workplace Challenges – how can NEC hardware and software solutions help your business?
• Use workplace resources more efficiently
• Support activity based work and mobility
• Enable seamless digital and physical collaboration


InfinityBoard®: All-in-One Collaboration Solution
The NEC InfinityBoard® is an all-in-one collaboration solution combining an ultra-high definition touch display, camera, speakers and collaboration software in one device. Ideal for multiple presenters to large groups with remote participation
• Video conferencing
• Creative brainstorming
• Presenting
• Reviewing & Collaboration
Open, modular and software agnostic – this is a truly unique offering. The NEC InfinityBoard® allows organisations to use any VC platform of their choice and can integrate with their choice of software and OS.

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UNIVERGE 3C: Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise
3C’s powerful UC&C tools to enable businesses of any size to collaborate more effectively - increasing productivity, enabling mobility and encouraging ‘anywhere’ communication.
• Enterprise-level UC&C AND VoIP telephony
• A common user experience on almost any device
• Increases productivity, enables mobility

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ST500: Making your smart phone smarter
Take the power of the ST500 with you at work, at home and anywhere in-between while not being tied to your desk.
• Video calling
• Integrates into your smartphone contacts
• Complete call history


InUC: UC&C for the SMB
There are 4.2m homeworkers in UK, a further 1.8m would like to! InUC provides:
• Cost-effective, built-in UC application
• Video & audio-conferencing, document sharing, IM & Presence
• BYOD flexibility

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Future of Work Theatre speaking session
Gunnar Kyvik, Business Development for UC & Corporate Meeting Room, NEC Display Solutions Europe
- The Intelligent Workspace: smart and connected
- How to implement technology in a smart way
- Empowering the workforce for efficient daily business

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