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Organizations face increasing pressure to drive technology transformation while managing risk. To deliver the level of user experience required by today’s digital businesses, you must instantly see and interpret the complex digital interconnections that accurately describe speed and resolution, security, and relevance.

And that’s where we can help. NETSCOUT’s business is Smart Data: getting the right data, fast, to the people and the systems that need it. We distill real time, precise intelligence from the noise of traffic data, simplifying the complex without losing the details. We call it NETSCOUT Smart Data, and it instantly provides the intelligence you need to drive network and application performance, deliver unmatched user experience, and find and fix advanced cyber and DDoS threats.

Our ability to distill real-time, precise intelligence from the noise of traffic sets us apart. While we live in a data-driven world, most companies struggle to extract full value from that data. Technology teams collect and comb through large amounts of disparate sources of data, stitched together with heavy manual effort.

NETSCOUT Smart Data technologies include Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) and Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS), which collectively have visibility and insight into more than one-third of internet and global enterprise and subscriber traffic.

NETSCOUT Smart Data provides continuous, uniform visibility and automates the precise identification of risk and performance status across all connected services and their interactions – from the network edge and across all services – allowing IT and network teams to deliver the most superior user experience.

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