Wavenet UK
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Wavenet are a telecoms and technology company headquartered in the Midlands.
Established in 2000 as a simple lines and calls business the company has expanded to offer wider solutions. In recent years Wavenet have grown through acquisition of similar organisations.
In 2018 Wavenet acquired Solar, a similarly sized telecoms and technology business, substantially increasing the size and offer of Wavenet and bringing in further team members with an understanding of disruptive technology and the ability to offer this technology to customers.

What is disruptive technology?
Disruptive technology is a descriptive of tech that is emerging and represents the next generation of tools that customers will adopt. Many technology and telecoms businesses supply last year’s technology, where Wavenet support clients for today and tomorrow.

Wavenet are forward thinking in their approach, regularly analysing new technology to ensure it is fit for purpose and would have visible benefits for our customers.

Working with technology partners Wavenet appreciate where users are and what technology they’re looking for. They understand what customers want (not just from technology but from their business as a whole) using common sense and due diligence to dig beneath smoke and mirrors to deliver solutions that make a meaningful difference.

With these solutions, Wavenet put them through their paces to test them and make sure they perform. Cutting-edge doesn’t mean bleeding-edge or risk, but innovative technology that delivers business transformation.

Other technology suppliers are sluggish to react. They can’t detangle themselves from legacy products, so it means they can’t offer the products that will make a big difference to their customers. Wavenet will advise a platform because it’s the right one to go for.

Wavenet have visibility to know what’s coming, from where and why.