How Can Collaboration Help Address Workplace (Un)Productivity and Loneliness?


Presentation Video and Collaboration Theatre

We hear a lot in the press about the UK’s so-called ‘productivity puzzle’. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show that productivity growth of British workers fell to a two-year low in the third quarter of last year. As a senior executive who’s managed large teams most of my career, I’m frankly not the least bit puzzled by the fall in productivity. Distractions are at an all-time high and as organisations get more networked and 'always on,' employees are being pulled into endless meetings and never feel they can truly switch off. The worst thing for distracted, stressed out workers is growing isolated and disconnected from colleagues and teams. New research from totaljobs found that three in five (60%) employees feel lonely at work. It’s little wonder that managers and HR departments can feel right out of their depth at times. As more employees and contractors work remotely from home and temporary spaces, it takes new skills, processes and tools to foster that sense of community that keeps staff healthy, productive and engaged. The latest generation of video conferencing systems have introduced new capabilities to further improve team productivity and combat isolation. One of the critical success factors to video adoption is integration with other popular productivity tools. BlueJeans and Workplace by Facebook have been working together to help organisations increase collaboration and productivity and drive down isolation and workplace loneliness. We will discuss how Facebook is using video in this manner and also present several other case studies for the audience to identify best practices for their own organisation. 

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Best practices to facilitate a successful integration of smart collaboration tools across your organization
  • Learn how BlueJeans and Workplace by Facebook can increase team productivity and cultivate a culture of participation
  • Explore trends behind the explosive growth in modern video conferencing and how it’s impacting both IT and users
  • Understand the critical success factors for productive collaboration solutions

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