Feeling Connected: Building your UCaaS strategy on the right digital foundations


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There is now an unnecessary tension between cost and real-world performance of UC. Apps are only able to drive competitiveness and revenues if they respond to user demand. There’s no future in OTT service providers avoiding user complaints about poor app responsiveness. There’s no progress without the right digital foundations. In this session Alex will discuss the fundamental flaw with all UCaaS solutions (that most vendors won’t tell you!) and the key considerations for a successful UCaaS deployment. Join us to learn how to build buyer confidence and ensure your UCaaS adoption continues unabated by:

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Uncovering the hidden cost of unguaranteed service promises from pure OTT UCaaS providers
  • Reducing the stress and cost of OTT app bandwidth demands in procurement and operations
  • Aligning to a partner with an end-to-end UC and Network foundations provision in an ‘Everything as a service’ world

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