Using video for B2C in contact centres - integrating with existing workflows


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Customer care and communicating with consumers become more and more important for customer service focused organizations. This presentation looks at best practices for B2C video communications and how organizations can integrate consumer communications with existing workflows and systems.

As service expectations change amongst consumers, organizations need to deliver to keep up. Many industries dealing with products and services that traditionally are trust-based, including financial services, healthcare, legal and insurance, and others must fight new and disruptive services from cloud-native platforms offering payment and mortgage services, online health consultations, and much more. Retaining customer trust through visual communication is fundamental for organizations to deliver. This talk discusses how such B2C solutions integrate with the organization’s already existing environments.


What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Using video for B2C communication
  • Understanding the use case - and the external threat
  • Compliance, security, and other concerns
  • Integrating with existing communication workflows

Marketing Manager
Director of Solutions Architecture
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