X, Y and Z – successful collaboration across the generational divide


Presentation The Future of Work Theatre
C Collaboration

Different people work in different ways; teams are made up of many contributors, each bringing their own personal attributes and skill sets, yet it is vital that they are all able to freely and fully participate. There are often barriers to this best practice however, one being a generational issue. Millennials expect their work environment to match that of their private lives with instant responsiveness and seamless high-tech with access anytime, anywhere. Compare this to Baby Boomers and to an extent, Gen X, who might favour more traditional hierarchies and workflows and to whom the latest tech might appear threatening.

As today’s workspaces evolve and become increasingly digitised, Gunnar Kyvik addresses this clash of expectations and talks about ways to generate a motivational environment appealing to all peers regardless of their preferences and working practices – collaboration across the generational divide. 

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • How to empower your workforce for efficient daily business
  • How to implement technology in a smart way

Business Development Manager Corporate, EMEA
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH
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