Why you should bring personalization to your large collaboration spaces


Presentation The Future of Work Theatre
C Collaboration N Networks

Today’s IT users’ expectations on room systems functionality and collaboration spaces are high. With multiple interfaces or devices, no interoperability between UC platforms, non-conform experiences between spaces and a gap between the intuitive consumer technology they use at home and their workplace solutions; there is a large rate of unsatisfied business users. These factors become barriers to productivity and collaboration thus impacting the overall competitiveness and performance of an organization. This session will explore why and how enterprises can mitigate these risks by offering a more personalized experience in their collaboration rooms.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • The key changes in users’ expectations from their collaboration rooms
  • The human and operational benefits for enterprises to offer a personal experience into their collaboration rooms
  • A demonstration of how a personal experience can be achieved in meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

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