The Intersection between Team Collaboration and Transformation


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Every UC vendor seems focused on one thing these days: their Team Collaboration platform. Brimming with “Cloud 2.0” technologies, fancy APIs and whizbang integrations, these platforms are positioned as the foundation of Enterprise Transformation.

But what does the enterprise have to say about these new shiny platforms? The honest answer: it’s still early days. Some are “waiting for maturity”, others pushing blindly forward, while a select few appear to have “cracked the code”. 

In this lively discussion, we’ll cover the Team Collaboration waterfront – defining the space, discussing barriers to adoption, best practices, and our favourite transformational use cases – from mundane to marvellous. 

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Team Collaboration is the Shiny New UC – defining attributes
  • New features, new challenges – primary barriers to enterprise adoption
  • Cracking the code – keys to integrating the user onto the platform
  • Use cases galore – from mundane to marvellous

Senior Analyst & Partner