What do Microsoft "certified" meeting rooms really do for you?


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Microsoft tell us that the only approach to meeting rooms for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams is to deploy their certified Microsoft Teams Rooms or to use a bridging service. Yet, enterprises are discovering that these approaches are problematic and do not meet their business needs for a variety of reasons.
In this session you will learn about the alternative independent approach to equipping Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams enabled meeting rooms, which provides a true enterprise grade solution based on a dedicated hardware and fully manageable software approach.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Alternative enterprise-grade meeting room technology for Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams
  • What the enterprise should know before deploying PC based meeting room systems
  • Why a management platform is essential for high utilization and low support costs
  • How to deliver a reliable, easy to use meeting room environment that users will love

Head of Teamline
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