The Modern Era of Collaboration


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As UC, Collaboration and Contact Center platforms all move to the cloud, traditional end-user support may require a new approach. All cloud solutions and workloads rely on healthy network and endpoint environments to work well, but the real-time nature of voice and video traffic requires special attention to ensure high-quality end-user experiences. Or does it? This discussion will focus on what service providers are doing and what the enterprise can expect as they look to support great user experiences on cloud-based UC platforms. From the desktop, to the conference room, to the mobile worker… users will always require at least some support and support teams will require visibility and tooling to both identify and help remediate the issues contributing to user experience. As service providers, cloud providers and system integrators all work to enable this toolset, it’s clear that the enterprise maintains a responsibility to support these users by understanding how network and endpoint environments are impacting quality. In this session, attendees learn how enterprise leaders are approaching the move to the cloud and what options lie ahead for managing this unique challenge and delivering great user experience on cloud UC.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • The Modern Era of Collaboration
  • Managing Voice and Video in Today’s Hybrid Environments
  • Practical Collaboration Operations Challenges
  • Real-World Scenarios for Modern Collab

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