The intersection of CPaaS and the modern Contact Center


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This session will discuss how organizations are utilizing CPaaS to engage customers and provide unique experiences that prior to digital transformation, have been impossible.   However, CPaaS does not replace a full Contact Center solution.  Contact Center solutions are mature systems that have been integrated in organizational workflow or developed over time to align an organization to key performance metrics, such as customer satisfaction.  These processes cannot be impacted to the point of diminished customer experience as that organization migrates to the cloud.  How is CPaaS intersecting with traditional customer contact solutions to evolve customer engagement?

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Digital Transformation is changing how companies “relate” internally and externally.
  • CPaaS enables organizations to engage their constituents in new and powerful ways.
  • CPaaS is not a Contact Center solution replacement.
  • Contact Center and CPaaS are intersecting to enable modern customer engagement.

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