Christian Mark Randall Bozeat
Christian Mark Randall Bozeat
Managing Director
Macom GmbH UK Ltd

Christian is the Managing Director of the UK arm of Macom GmbH (UK) Europe’s largest Audio Visual Technology consultancy. Christian is passionate about deploying the correct technology in a structured and quality manner to change the way business works.

Christian is One of Europe’s leading Audio Visual technology consultant’s finalist in Innovate magazines 2019 AV consultant of the year award and one of the judges for the AV magazines AV awards. Christian’s career in the Audio Visual industry started in 1999 in Australia where he worked for Satellite Music Australia providing the latest music via satellite across the country. Since returning to the UK Christian worked for some of the world’s largest AV systems integrators in all areas of the industry including design, delivery, project management and business development.

Christian has worked on some of the most prestigious Audio visual collaboration and technology projects including many award winning projects across many different businesses and market sectors, working for companies such as Fidelity International, Telefonica, BP, Deloitte, KMPG, Rolls Royce, Shell, Clifford Chance, Hachette, Wipro, Atos and The WHO. Christian has worked on projects around the world including major projects in America, Australia, Canada, Africa, India, Korea, Singapore and Russia and Europe. His experience across such a broad range of projects in so many different locations has given Christian unrivalled knowledge of the construction process both on and off shore. He specialises in helping clients develop their technology strategies and providing complex solutions to difficult and remote locations and global role outs.

As the remit and scope of AV has grown so has Christian’s input in to projects, focusing on UX, business structure and strategy Christian is the go to expert for the deployment of AV technologies and Smart building strategies and solutions. The macom team provide the detailed engineering required to meet the most exacting standards in any type of solution.

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