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Peter Dorrington
Peter Dorrington
XMplify Consulting

Peter is an expert in using a combination of data science and behavioural science to lead transformation in the field of Experience Management (XM) within an omnichannel environment. Experience Management operates at the intersection of Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and Partner Experience (PX). Over the last 3 years, he has been focussing on ways to understand and predict why people do what they do, inventing new techniques in what he describes as ‘Predictive Behavioural Analytics’. At the core of his approach are Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, combined with business analytics to produce predictive models (algorithms) of behaviour. However, his big breakthrough came when he discovered how to reliably extrapolate insights gained from a small group of active conversations to the ‘silent majority’ – those customers who are not in discussion with an organisation, doing this at scale and in near real-time. As a result, Peter is now able to both better predict customer behaviour, and to quantify the impact on the bottom line – increasing sales, lowering costs, improving satisfaction and reducing churn. His work complements other developments in Customer Experience, including developing organisational empathy, supporting digital transformation, enhancing the performance of AI and Bots and calculating the Return on CX investments (RoCX). Experiential Designers are able to use these insights at both the strategic and tactical level. As Founder of XMplify Consulting, Peter now works with organisations to help them develop their own capabilities in Predictive Behavioural Analytics – in his view, this is how lasting change comes about, doing the work with a client, not to them or for them. Peter is based in Hampshire, but consults with clients worldwide.

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