15-16 May 2019  |  ExCeL London

CCX Omni-Channel

The more technology advances, the more it becomes part of our daily lives. Even as you read this website and are deciding whether to register for CCX or not we bet you have multiple connected devices well within arm’s reach?

As we continue down this digital path, peoples (our customers) behaviours are changing and people like you need to react.

Is interacting with your company seamless for your customer - whether it’s Facebook, on the phone, by email or in a store?

Come to CCX and we’ll show you why it’s important, what the first steps are and how to deliver what your customers really want – an Omni-Channel. We have experts, suppliers and tech you can have a play with.

And before you say – Omni- Channel is a dream but no one really does it…have a look at what these 5 example companies do….

1.       Disney (https://disney.co.uk/parks)

2.       Virgin Atlantic (http://fransgaard.com/getting-an-omni-channel-customer-service-as-a-virgin-advocate/)

3.       Bank of America (https://www.bankofamerica.com/)

4.       Oasis (https://www.hitsearchlimited.com/news/what-can-you-learn-from-oasis-omni-channel-strategy-id0040)

5.       Starbuck (https://diginomica.com/2017/05/02/survivors-guide-omni-channel-retail-disruption-starbucks-management/)

What will I learn from attending CCX Omni-Channel

  • What can we realistically achieve in the next 12 months
  • What do we need to be aware of
  • The clear business case for Omni-Channel
  • What the future holds 

What our visitors say..

Industry Insight

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