UC EXPO & Digital Transformation EXPO Europe

Co-location Statement 

This year, UC EXPO will be co-locating alongside our sister show, Digital Transformation EXPO Europe on 30 September – 1 October.

Whilst postponing UC EXPO has been challenging logistically, it is a fantastic result for IT teams and business leaders.

UC EXPO is Europe’s leading event for unified communications and collaboration technologies, and DTX Europe (formerly IP EXPO) has a 15 year legacy of showcasing the suite of technologies and business culture that enable digital transformation.

Together, you’ll truly be able to unlock the power of technology.   Combining the two events will create the UK's most comprehensive independent technology event in the 2nd half of 2020, with the world’s best tech solutions under one roof.

This will be perfectly timed to support an economic bounce back based on JP Morgan's economic forecasts and as such, we are looking forward to providing you with all the information you need to drive your here-and-now projects.  

In the current situation, postponing UC EXPO is 100% the right call and we’ve received incredibly positive responses from speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and visitors alike. Based on how disruptive the first quarter has been, we’re confident that this co-location in the second half of the year will deliver even more business value for you than if we had run the shows independently.  

DTX Europe features all of the technologies that enable digital transformation, and clearly Unified Communications is one of the leading tech investment areas right now, so the events connect seamlessly. With businesses focussed on how to modernise their technology stacks, and stay connected with employees and customers this co-location is exactly what the market needs!

What does this co-location mean?

1. DTX Europe and UC EXPO will take place on the same dates, in an adjoining venue space. 
2. The events are complementary
. DTX Europe covers modern networks, cloud, cyber security, data and AI (all of which enable unified communications).

3. The audiences are additive with only 5% cross-over in 2019. The core audience of both shows is IT teams and IT Directors.

4. Visitors will be able to pass through both events, with just one badge.
5. Economic forecasts suggesting that Q3 will deliver a resurgence of business.

About DTX Europe

Going into its 15th year, it gives the Imago team great pride to organise Digital Transformation EXPO Europe for you and your peers in the IT industry. However, we understand that the time that you spend out of the office has to be worth your while, and that the content of the event has to be spot on. One of the great benefits of the event is that everything is under one roof, yet still with specific technology streams.

A recent McKinsey report stated that while 8 out of 10 survey respondents say that their organisations have undertaken Digital Transformation projects in the last 5 years, less than 30% have been entirely successful*. So the challenge for businesses like yours is clear; Digital Transformation is inevitable, and presents a great opportunity, but a lot of cultural and business change is needed to make it work. Digital Transformation EXPO Europe, with its 300+ expert speakers in 20 seminar theatres, and 260+ exhibitors, will help light your path to a successful Digital Transformation of your organisation.

*McKinsey & Company: Unlocking Success in Digital Transformation