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Stand:  Theatre Sponsor
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Stand:  C120
Clevertouch is a market leading range of large interactive touchscreens, which have been designed and manufactured to the highest standard by an award-winning British manufacturer. Built with the simplicity of a smartphone or tablet, the Clevertouch Lux Series of interactive touchscreens are powered by Android and come with a custom designed user interface, which enables users to present and interact with information as instinctively as the devices in their pocket. The Clevertouch Pro Series comes with new functions such as dual platform functionality, OTA updates and MDM controls (Mobile Device Management) that makes life easier for IT Managers.
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Stand:  B108
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Stand:  G117
CTOUCH is an innovative and market leading interactive displays manufacturer, focusing on large format touch displays and interactive touch solutions. Thanks to its continuous innovation, CTOUCH brings the power of touch and interactivity to working environments, enhancing group collaboration. For 15 years CTOUCH has been shaking up markets by developing and introducing refreshing innovative products that challenge convention. It did the same for the professional market by introducing two products that are transforming the commercial meeting space. CTOUCH gives the power 2Meet and 2Share back to the user with incredible results.
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