A healthy network is key for a smooth running communications infrastructure.

It’s essential to consider the impact on your network when modernising your communications infrastructure. At UC EXPO 2019 find out what steps you need to make to improve your network to make sure your transformation runs smoothly. 

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Maintaining a network, whilst both time-consuming and expensive, is important to ensure the smooth running of a communications infrastructure. However, when companies make the decision to modernise their communications it is essential that they consider the impact on their networks, especially when video is involved. 

Digital Transformation 

At UC EXPO learn about the advances in networking technology, such as SD-WAN, which will reduce the risk of failure, allow you to regain control of user experience and ultimately provide a firm foundation for Digital Transformation. 

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Industry insight

The impact of technology on productivity
The impact of technology on productivity

The inexorable advance of technological progress. Think smartphones, easily portable laptops and tablets which let you work anywhere. Working on projects in real time with colleagues connecting remotely from the other end of the planet. Surely with such advances and conveniences we must be entering one of the most productive eras in history? 

Improved collaboration in the cloud
Improved collaboration in the cloud

The cloud has transformed the way businesses operate, allowing flexible working hours and improving collaboration between employees. It has boosted productivity and communication, giving employees the opportunity to participate more, organise their teams and delegate tasks to individuals in a more efficient manner.  

WolfVision brings AV over IP-based classroom collaboration
WolfVision brings AV over IP-based classroom collaboration

The vSolution MATRIX solution from WolfVision represents a significant step forward in learning space design, enabling intuitive control, distribution, and sharing of video and audio between multiple workstation monitors using multiple Cynap, and Cynap Core units connected using network infrastructure.

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