Find out where you need to be at UC EXPO

At UC EXPO we have 8 stages covering the full range of topics that are critical to your unified communciations journey. Everything you need is here: future of work, video and AV, cloud, AI, networks & security and customer contact. Find out what's happening on each stage, some of the topic highlights, and look out for the full agenda launch!

UC Main Stage

This stage is your place to hear the big picture presentations and discussions from the industry's thought leaders.

Topics covered include:

  • Establishing a future where internal meetings and being stuck in the office are a thing of the past
  • User adoption: How can you ensure you change habits to drive adoption in your organisation?
  • Connected firstline/deskless workers, how can you better engage your employees through advanced collaboration?

Future of Work Stage

This stage helps you drive user adoption while preparing for a remote but collaborative working future.

Topics covered include:

  • What will the future collaborative environment look like and how should you prepare?
  • Examining how you can get the best out of people in your organisation.
  • Designing the workplace for the employee of the future.

Video and Audio Visual Stage

This stage will help you identify how you can get your video first and AV strategy right.

Topics covered include:

  • Designing a video first strategy for your organisation
  • Designing a video experience that can transition from meeting room to desk
  • Managing the convergence of IT and AV: How should they work together?

Networks and Security Stage

This stage helps in ensuring you have a resilient and secure foundation for your UC&C systems.

Topics covered include:

  • Designing networks to ensure long term quality of service
  • Security management in UC systems: Ensuring it doesn’t become another attack vector
  • How can you manage legacy telephony and network systems?

Microsoft Technologies Stage

This stage will help you get your Teams and Office365 implementation strategy right.

Topics covered include:

  • Designing a governance strategy that ensures you get the most out of Teams
  • Case study: How to lead a successful transition from Skype to Teams
  • Implementing a training and adoption strategy for Teams in a changing organisation

Customer Contact Keynote Stage

This stage explains how you can prepare your customer experience for your future.

Topics covered include:

  • Improving the customer experience: How can you make your customer service your USP?
  • Managing multiple systems in the contact centre using AI
  • Implementing a transformation strategy on a tight budget: How can you make it happen?

Cloud Stage

This stage enables you to start implementing and managing multi-cloud environments.

Topics covered include:

  • Working in a multi-cloud environment: How can you ensure quality of service?
  • How can you migrate legacy applications onto the cloud?
  • Monitoring in real time: How should you keep a close eye on your cloud systems?

AI & Analytics Stage

This stage shows how best to utilise communications data, AI and virtual assistants to make the most out of your UC&C systems.

Topics covered include:

  • Voice transcription technology: How will this become useful in the future?
  • Examining communications data within organisation to ensure your teams are working effectively.
  • Speech Recognition and its role in voice conversations of the future.